Parking Terms & Regulations
With effect from December 9, 2022
  1. Free parking privilege redemption is based on entry time.
  2. Eligible spending does not include any payment made with cash/gift vouchers, gift cards or merchants’ stored-value cards, rebates from credit cards and balance in the installment payment. Accumulated spending in the same department store, supermarket, cinema and Spotlight Recreation Club will not be accepted.
  3. Extra 1 hour free parking privilege is only applicable to those entering the hourly carparks of The Whampoa between 5p.m and 12 midnight, together with presentation of extra 2 nos. of GH Whampoa same-day movie ticket or a valid electronic payment receipt of $100 or above from any designated F&B outlets, and redemption of 2 hours free parking privilege at the same time. Receipt and movie ticket stubs which have been used for redemption of 2 hours free parking are NOT eligible for extra 1 hour free parking redemption.
  4. A valid receipt should include merchant's name, address, date and spending amount. Shoppers are required to present official machine-printed valid receipt together with electronic payment receipt or transaction record in authorized payment app (screen capture record is not accepted, shoppers are required to log in and show the transaction record). Splitting payment with multiple electronic payment slips or machine-printed payment receipts is not accepted. GH Whampoa movie stubs can be used as single machine-printed receipt, together with the presentation of relevant single electronic payment transaction record for redemption.
  5. Any cash receipt, re-printed, handwritten or photocopied receipt, electronic machine-printed receipts, damaged or defaced receipt, temporary exhibition booths, pop-up store / consignment store (merchant list is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. For details, please contact our concierges), ticket selling services (e.g. concert, drama, etc.), online payment (except for online movie ticket purchase, presentation of both on day movie ticket stub and online movie ticket purchase email record is required for redemption), purchase or use of any prepaid coupons (including cash coupons, cake shop coupons, food coupons, gift coupons, prepaid cards, shopping cards, game cards, membership cards, etc.), stored-value cards reload (Octopus or other merchant's membership card), properties services, bank service, insurance and investment service, employment service, bill payment (including gym room or other merchant’s membership fee, government service, telecommunications services, etc. , except tutorial fee), deposits for gold saving club, parking fee, currency exchange service, cancellation or refund receipts, EPS cash withdrawal receipts, trade-in transactions or product redemptions and payment for refundable deposits are NOT eligible for free parking redemption.
  6. Eligible spending does not include any payment made with cash/gift vouchers, gift cards or merchants’ stored-value cards, rebates from credit cards and balance in the installment payment. Accumulated spending in the same department store, supermarket, cinema, Spotlight Recreation Club and Nine Seafood Place will not be acepted.
  7. For every additional hour parked beyond the complimentary period, standard parking rates will be charged. (The Whampoa – Mon to Fri : $16/hour ; Sat, Sun and P.H.: $20/hour ; The Harbourfront – Mon to Fri : $30/hour (8:01am to 5:59pm), $16/hour (0:01am to 8am and 6pm to midnight) ; Sat, Sun and P.H. : $16/hour)。
  8. Total parking hours will be counted and charged at the carpark exit when leaving. No free parking privilege can be redeemed after the payment of parking fee.
  9. Each vehicle is entitled to redeem parking privilege once per visit. The privilege cannot be amended or cancelled after redemption.
  10. This offer can be used in conjunction with hourly parking cash coupon issued by selected shops at The Whampoa. (Not applicable to The Harbourfront hourly carpark).
  11. This offer cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or other products / services. Redeemed free parking offers’ receipt cannot be used for products exchange or refund at designated shops. Please contact shop for details if required.
  12. All parking offers should be redeemed at the Concierges of The Whampoa and Two Harbourfront during operation time before collection of vehicles.
  13. Receipt(s) will be recorded with photos and also stamped for verification. Shoppers are required to present respective receipt(s) and credit card, EPS, Octopus card or mobile wallet upon request for verification. In case of any doubts on the validity of receipt, the staff has the right to refuse to accept.
  14. The above offers and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Hutchison Estate Agents Ltd. reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.

Designated F&B Outlets : (redemption is not accepted if no valid machine-printed or electronic payment receipts can be provided by individual outlet)
●Super Super Congee and Noodles ●TENGACHAYA ●Cheung Wing Restaurant ●Nam Kee Noodle ●Hau Fok Restaurant ●Morito ●Cafe de Coral ●Shanghaiguide ●Men Wah Bing Teng / Asam Chicken Rice ●Haagens-Dazs ●Sukiya ●MOS Burger ●Ant One Restaurant ●Pizza Hut ●Flames ●Sen Sen Sushi ●Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant ●Jollibee ●Amor ●Fairwood ●Sushi Tatsu ●Taro & Tea ●TENDON TENYA ●Black Sugar Coffee ●Saizeriya Italian Restaurant ●Hong Wo Kok Restaurant ●Be With Years●Duets Cups ●Kafu ●Café Hunan ●Mai Hei/Sweet Craft ●Origin Healthy Rice Noodle ●Gyu-kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant ●Mou Mou Club ●Crystal Jade Chiu Chow Kitchen ●Dragon Court ●Starbucks ●B.O.A ●Ma Xiao Er ●Niksen Koffie ●Sushiro ●Outback Steakhouse ●Mak’s Noodle ●Amber’s Table ●Wang Jia Sha ●MOONSHINE CUISINE & START NOW ●Meet Fresh ●Queen of Dim Sum ●Wing Lai Yuen Sichuan Noodles ●Wing Lai Yuen Qiao Cuisine ●Tai Hing ●Soup Plus ●Little Teawood ●Boring?! ●Curry House CoCo Ichibanya ●Pepper Lunch ●YatYat Place ●Dragon King Restaurant ●California Pizza Kitchen ●Marugame Seimen ●Mid-Dynasty Restaurant ●TamJai SamGor Mixian ●Pacific Coffee ●Pizza Express●NOC Coffee Co. ●Butadoura ●Full House Chinese Seafood Restaurant ●YAKINIKU KAKURA ● Pastime Cafe ●McDonald's ●Sushi Man ●Tamjai Yunnan Mixian ●Genki Sushi ●Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea ●KFC ●Sze Sun Hamburger ●Golden Fortune Restaurant ●Cafe 100%